Average Funeral Costs

Funeral planning can be a difficult process. There are lots of choices you have to make, all within a short period of time. No matter how you go about it, funerals can be expensive. However, there are ways to minimize these costs, as funerals are not based on a single cost, but a series of costs.

What is the Average Cost?

Funerals cost between $7,000 to $12,000 on average. This value is expressed as a range because there are multiple factors that can influence costs.

Funeral homes charge different rates, so the costs mentioned may not be the same as what will be mentioned here. Your choices also matter. Not every charge is mandatory, and what you choose may result in your costs being below or above this range.

What are the Costs?

Most of these are optional, but no matter what style of funeral or burial method you choose, there will be a mandatory funeral home fee, which is typically around $2,195.

Body preparation costs are:

  • Embalming – $750
  • Cosmetic preparation (hairstyling, makeup, etc.) – $255

That is if you choose to have a funeral service and/or a viewing, in which you’ll have to pay for the venue and the staff for management. These costs are:

  • Staff for viewing: $425
  • Staff for funeral service: $500

Other service-related costs include:

  • Memorial printed package – $175

Transporting the body also factors in:

  • Service car – $150
  • Hearse – $340
  • Transporting body to funeral home – $350

If you choose burial, related costs will be:

  • Metal casket – $2,500
  • Vault – $1,495

Your burial plot, headstone, and other cemetery charges are decided by the cemetery and are separate from the funeral.

If choosing cremation:

  • Casket – $1,200
  • Cremation fee (for third party) – $350

All of these figures are estimates, and your funeral home may charge a different amount for the items listed.

How Can I Lower Costs?

If you want a traditional funeral with a viewing, opting for cremation instead of burial will be the lower-cost option.

You also have the choice of getting a direct burial or direct cremation. Here, there is no embalming, viewing, or funeral service. Direct burials cost roughly between $2,515 and $2,765, depending on whether you purchase from an outside source or from the funeral home. Direct cremations can cost $2,000 at the lowest.

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