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David Alvarado

Area Manager, Director of Agency Development

David Alvarado has been in the financial services industry for nearly his entire career. In 2004, he received a BS in Electronics from California State University-San Bernardino. David sold life insurance for Promark Financial for a little over two years, which gave him the training and knowledge that made him the successful person he is today. 

With that said, Promark’s work environment was hostile. “Watch your back because people might take advantage of you.”

He noticed something different when he came to Asurea in 2009: what they said, they meant. And what they meant, they kept. David liked Asurea’s friend family, growing with each other type of culture. Over his time with the company, David has become a leader amongst leaders—helping agents improve their skills, get where they want to be, and reach levels that they never thought were possible. 

“In order to lead, you have to follow someone else.”

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